Sex & Necromancy

by Bonehunter



MC (EU Edition) available now from Fuck The Mainstream Records.
MC (U.S. Edition) available now from Muerte Negra Discos.

Mixed & Mastered by Michael Frank at Rekordz Studios,


released May 24, 2014

Satanarchist - Breath of Hades & Four Strings of Venom
Witch Rider - Hellfire & Damnation through Six Strings of Nuclear Devastation
S.S. Penetrator - Drums of Doom & War



all rights reserved


Bonehunter Oulu, Finland



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Track Name: Syphilitic, Baby!
Black semen in your throat,
sadistic asphyxiation!
Open your mouth for Satan,
cum melts away your face!

I'm Syphilitic, Baby!
Soon you will be too!
I'm Syphilitic, Baby!
Endless nightmares for you!

We are sexual perverts,
commence sexual perversion!
Insanity rots my brain,
I kill myself for Satan!
Track Name: Sex & Necromancy
You were found dead at 17,
I watched as you were put to the ground.
In life you were perfect metal bitch,
tonight I'll free you from your burial mound.
Late that night... I return...
Obsessed by decay.
Kicking over tombstones,
I gaze at your remains!

Filthy angel, I defile you!
Sex & Necromancy, will purify you!
Filthy angel, I love you!
Sex & Necromancy, will purify you!

Resurrection magick, unholy force...
Leads to horrid reanimation.
Dirty hair and rotten tits,
hold still my sweet abomination.
Your toothless grin sucks my dick well!
My love will break your bones!
I raise the chalice, you drink the sperm!
Track Name: Saturday Night Nasty Deed
Neon lights on a Saturday night,
trying to get fucking laid.
All the girls are ugly,
I wanna fuck a metal queen.
You were sitting alone in the corner,
I put drugs in your drink.
I will drag you to my cave,
dark temptress, call my name.

Rip your clothes off!
I sniff your pantyhose!
Casting a spermy spell!
Bitch, don't kill my vibe!

Tied up to the radiator,
smashed, your skull shall feel the sink.
Chained queen bleeding from head,
I put my dick in, make it wet.
Next morning my apartment stinks,
I realize this must happen again.
Leave her to rot in my landlords place,
everybody watches and masturbates.

I took photos!
Of this nasty deed!
I rip my clothes off!
Bitch, didn't kill my vibe!
Track Name: Graveyard Love
I want to satisfy myself with a corpse...
Maggots on my dick, no remorse...
I can't get my kicks out of living bitches...
I want to stuff my shaft inside a lifeless...

Graveyard Love...

Mummified cunt is what I need...
Throw my sperm inside violently...
Rip your clit off, put inside my pocket...
Thrust my phallus in your eye socket...

Graveyard Love...